Licensed by the relevant authorities, ALTEO Group has been conducting its activities as an electricity trader, retailer and balancing group manager since 1 January 2009. Currently, this business line is continuously expanding, and offers a stable and predictable power supply to a large customer portfolio consisting primarily of office buildings, shopping centres, industrial parks and small and medium-sized enterprises. As a free-market electricity trader, we do not provide power supply services to household consumers. On the electricity wholesale market, the ALTEO Group has both long and short-term sales contracts with international and Hungarian partners, concluded on the basis of framework agreements. Our company also has the opportunity to trade on Hungarian and international power exchanges. ALTEO Group’s network of connections and sales and purchasing channels has been continuously expanding since 2008.

We are encouraged by positive operational experience and customer demand for reliable, customer-focused traders in the energy market to further expand our customer base by creating competitive offers tailored to each consumption location. Our core business is direct sale to consumers which means we can offer benefits resulting from competitive energy sources and a varied balancing group for that purpose.

We promote setting favourable prices tailored to consumption locations and consumer habits by providing targeted advice on energy efficiency. In addition, we ensure that different consumer needs are met through flexible contractual and payment arrangements.

With energy in mind.