The ALTEO Group’s role: project developer, owner, operator

Installed capacity: 500 kW heat

Start of commercial operation: January 2013

Investment: Installation of a fluidised-bed biomass boiler and heat generation for the district heating system of the municipality of Tiszaújváros

Project company: Tisza BioTerm Kft.

Ownership: 60% ALTEO Group (Sinergy Kft.) and 40% GDHS Kft.

Investment amount: HUF 130 million

Support from the New Széchenyi Plan: HUF 65 million

Project implementation period: 2012

Project implementation site: Tiszaújváros

Having been a part of the ALTEO Group since May 2015, Sinergy founded the project company Tisza BioTerm Kft. in cooperation with GDHS. A significant advantage of using the fluidised-bed technology developed by GDHS over traditional technology is that it is suitable for burning different types of biomass feedstock. In multi-fuel mode, the technology is capable of burning a wide range of ligneous, herbaceous and other agricultural and food industry waste and by-products.

The facility is operated by the ALTEO Group with its own staff.

With energy in mind.