Nature is not our property: we have to pass it on to our children as we were given.

Oscar Wilde

An organization that preaches water but drinks wine, cannot be taken seriously by its partners and customers. That is why we started to compile and present our first Sustainability Report in 2017. The most recent non-financial report on our sustainability related activities draws a clear picture on the operation of the company; reports on the most important sustainability-related outcomes and measures of the past year; as well as indirectly defining the goals and actions that we will have to reach and implement in the future in order to truly make the ALTEO Group more sustainable. Our 'Core' report was prepared in line with the latest international GRI Standards Guide - in conjunction with KPMG - and the document was certified by Deloitte.

In the recent report now published, we focused mainly on the events of last year, so the information related to previous actions has already been reported in the previous year's report, so these are referenced to our first Sustainability Report on 2016.

In cooperation with our partners, we have also put together a comprehensive material this year, which hopefully - in any case - represents an example for the Hungarian energy sector, while providing not only the professional audience but also our investors with useful information about the operation of ALTEO Group.

ALTEO Integrated Report 2019

ALTEO Integrated Report 2018

ALTEO Sustainability Report 2017

ALTEO Sustainability Report 2016

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