MOL Petrolkémia Tisza-WTP Water Treatment Plant
MOL Petrolkémia: TVK Power Plant

Investment: Integrated energy supply of MOM Park, (an entertainment and residential real estate center) for 15 years

Customer: MOM Park MFC Kft., MOM Park Torony Kft.

Investment amount: EUR 3 million

Project implementation period: 2000

Project implementation site: Budapest, District XII

In 2000 a joint investment project of Bayerische Landesbank and Schörghuber Unternehmensgruppe has built a large shopping, office and apartment mall in Budapest’s District XII on the former site of the Hungarian Optical Works (MOM).

Sinergy Kft (part of ALTEO since May 2015), has implemented the Energy Centre of MOM Park as its own investment project. The Energy Centre ensures the primary energy supply of the building complex by providing cooling, heating and electricity supply based on a 15-year long term contract. The Energy Centre daily operation and management is performed by using a remote management system located in the Füredi Street power plant.

A trigeneration system was deployed in the Energy Centre. During summer operation, part of the heat generated by the gas engine is used to produce domestic hot water, while another part is used to meet basic cooling needs for the entire system through an absorption chiller. In case of increased cooling demand, turbocharged chillers provide the required additional cooling capacity. During the winter, the gas engine fulfils the basic heating demand, while the two hot water boilers come into operation if there is an increased heating demand.