Felsődobsza hydroelectric power plant

Site: 3854 Gibárt, Kossuth Lajos u. 16.

The village of Gibárt lies in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County along the Hernád River, 58 kilometres from the river mouth. Designed in 1901, built in 1902 and put into operation in 1903, a diversion-type hydropower plant can be found here.

The assets of the hydroelectric power plant are owned by Észak-magyarországi Áramszolgáltató Nyrt. Based on the contracts concluded by ÉMÁSZ Nyrt. and Sinergy Kft. in 2004, (member of the ALTEO Group since May 2015) the ALTEO Group currently operates the hydroelectric power plant as a lessee, licence holder and operator.

Since the power plant has not been renovated in the last half-century, it has become necessary to ensure long-term reliable operation. Therefore, in the second part of 2019, ALTEO began the reconstruction of the plant’s energy-generating equipment and its technical condition as part of a HUF 1.1 billion investment.

One of the main components of the investment is the replacement of previous turbines with highly efficient ones of 575 GWh /year – meaning a 70% increase in performance compared to the previous ones. The preservation of the power plant and the monument is a top priority throughout the entire renovation process. The technical handover of the power plant is expected in the second half of 2020 when the dismantled parts will be available for the public as well.

ALTEO is familiar with the process of the renovation of hydroelectric power plants, as a hydroelectric power plant in Felsődobsza (11 km from Gibárt) was renovated in 2012-2013 through a similar investment with grant funding from the Environment and Energy Operational Programme (KEOP).


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